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Curtain cleaning tips Mar 22, 2017

Cotton, linen curtains: directly into the washing machine cleaning but other than laundry detergent is used, it is best to add a little fabric softener can make more soft and smooth after washing the curtains can easily shrink fabrics should be as dry as possible.

Lace curtain: decorated with Lace Curtains unsuitable cleaning before cleaning with a soft brush to gently sweep, dust removed.

Blinds: blinds can be cleaned directly, curtain spray the right amount of water, wiping with a rag, Venetian blind if rope is dirty, you can use the wet rag moistened with detergent cleaning, because the causes of material and paint, blinds more easily fade, be careful not to exposure.

Shutter: shutter is difficult to remove, it can only be dipped in detergent directly on the shutter, cleaning special attention should be relatively easy to capture dust around the shutter position, if there were too many dust, use a soft brush to remove dust, then wipe clean with clean water, you can also spray the cleaning agent, can keep the shutter for a long time clean.