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Fabric curtains color selection Mar 22, 2017

Colors are warm, shallow, criteria for selecting colors as follows:

1) color and the decoration of the room colors: fabric can take some cuttings.

2) color and wood product: fabric color can enhance the natural tones, rich wood products.

3) color and emotion: soft tones and light, neutral colors and cold colors, such as blue and green can play a calming role, bright colors and warm colors, such as red and yellow have a stimulating effect, dark colors feel warm and comfortable.

4) color and sensation: feel lighter colors for the background darkens the colors, dark background color light, warm colors can make objects appear smaller.

5) color and the room: warm colors make the North room feels warm and cool colors make the South-facing rooms feel cool.

6) color and stain-resistant level: light more easily than dark is dirty.

7) transmittance and color: light transmittance of strong light through the Windows in the room filled with dark good transmittance of weak light effect.

8) colors and personalities: in accordance with the above principles to pick colors and reflects your personal style and personal preference.