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Finished curtains tips Mar 22, 2017

Depending on the type and function can be divided into: shutters, folding blinds, vertical blinds and shutter curtain.

1. shutter strengths. It can be divided into: artificial fiber roller blinds, wood roasted curtain, bamboo curtain, shutter with special technology of man-made fibers woven together, Lu strong solar radiation, quality improvement indoor light, anti-static fire retardant and other effects.

2. fold curtains according to the different functions can be divided into: louver blinds, blinds, honeycomb blinds, 100 off day and night curtains, sewing room shade effects, day and night curtains can be arbitrary between transparent and opaque effects.

3. vertical blinds in accordance with their different fabric, curtains can be divided into aluminum curtain and artificial fibers.

4. the Shutter curtain is generally divided into wooden louver, aluminum shutter, bamboo louver, louver blinds the biggest feature is that the light be adjusted at different angles, so that indoor light full of change