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Shade shutter introduction Mar 22, 2017

Shade shutter is used to effectively block the light to enter the room, and its light, through the scene, adjust the temperature of the shutter can be used in all heavy construction and decoration according to different needs, such as homes, office buildings, business buildings, hotels, high-end plant shade and so on.

Material: most shade volume curtain main is the institutions accessories and shade fabric composition, which shade fabric and points: glass fiber fabric and polyester fabric, glass fiber fabric main is PVC package covered glass fiber; polyester fabric is is PVC package covered polyester polyester fiber, new easy can spinning insulation insulation volume curtain, used special anti-UV material digital segmentation technology, using shuttle weaving and by series perfect of weaving made technology, and finished curtain processing technology, makes volume curtain not only can resistance 99.8% of UV hurt, do shade and not shading of effect.

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