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Bamboo Blinds Natural Freshness Oct 25, 2017

Bamboo curtain style bamboo curtain simple and smooth, natural fresh, it half-concealed look, a little bit of traditional Chinese woman shy taste. Bamboo curtain also has a shade, ventilation, Shu bamboo curtain fitness, cool and so on, hanging in the room, resulting in a sense of back to nature, it is comfortable, summer home is good.


1, bamboo curtain with a simple and refined, vivid and harmonious, green and so on.

2, bamboo curtain retains the inherent density of bamboo, toughness, strength and excellent characteristics, with strong and durable, easy to deformation, smooth texture, soft color, elegant and generous characteristics.

3, bamboo curtain with anti-moth, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-skid, temperature, wear resistance, high strength, anti-deformation characteristics, the surface texture elegant and elegant, beautiful color, can fully reflect the harmony between man and nature The characteristics of the global green products. Bamboo blinds easy to clean, not afraid of sprinkler and cigarette butts, match stalk of the hot burning, its function is better than cloth curtains, the beauty of the style is the other curtains can not match. Bamboo blinds can be widely used in homes, hotels, shops, restaurants, restaurants, office rooms, reception rooms, conference rooms, libraries and other places.

4, bamboo leaf blinds Seiko fine, unique technology, and undergo a rigorous quality testing, bamboo deformation, no cracking, with good bending strength, temperature, cold, mildew, moth and other characteristics, and the surface is smooth, Rich natural texture color. Bamboo is different from the general man-made materials, but painstakingly taken from the original bamboo material, bamboo by a number of special processing technology directly from the processing, no special smell, but also very different from the wood furniture, texture and texture, formed Its unique style, and nowadays return to the natural fashion is very co-production. Its long life, can be widely applied to the family, office buildings, conference rooms and hotels and other places.

5, green decorative materials: environmental protection for the purpose of the design and production of non-toxic harmless pollution-free decorative materials, the State Environmental Protection Department designated agencies in accordance with environmental standards for product identification, certification of the product. Such as environmentally friendly composite wood flooring, its hardness, strength, wear resistance, anti-deformation, fire-retardant, waterproof, pest control, anti-static and other indicators are much more than wood flooring. In addition, with insulation, deworming, health care and other multi-functional wallpaper, wall cloth has occupied a small market share, the newly developed a strong adhesion of new stone, tile adhesive, sealant, green floor Glue, rubber-free rubber and so have a non-toxic harmless, does not pollute the environment characteristics. In addition, the International Consumers Association is calling on environmental protection departments to regulate the use of green products logo, will regulate the market, protect the interests of consumers play a positive role.

6, green furniture: refers to the basic does not distribute harmful substances in the furniture. The main types are: wood series of furniture, not painted, only natural wax polishing, both to retain the natural texture and not pollute the environment; technology wood furniture, high fiber board furniture, paper furniture series, without damage to the human body toxic ingredients; Leather, coffee and other materials made of stainless steel, glass, titanium, and other materials made of furniture, such as rattan, bamboo and other natural materials made of chairs, sofas, coffee table and other furniture;

7, bamboo leaf Bai Sheng wins in the natural simple, ice and cool the most suitable for the summer atmosphere. Both to block the sun, but also makes people feel cool. After special processing of bamboo curtain film, not only feel natural, bright lines, the water will not mold, remove the worries.

8, woven bamboo curtain and bamboo curtain compared to the curtain film is more fine, but also with the pattern, fresh and refined, more national customs.

9, bamboo finishes and decorative materials. Bamboo strength, good toughness, good rigidity, color lighter, easy to bleach, easy to dye.