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Blinds Function Oct 17, 2017

The shutter is compared with the curtain, the leaf that can adjust the window can adjust the function that the curtain lacks. In shading, the blinds can resist the ultraviolet radiation and regulate the indoor light. In ventilation, the installation of the blinds fixed and the thick texture can enjoy the cool breeze without any other concerns. The float of curtain of curtain is in the indoor life time and time appear, shuttered layer of the design that layer is overlaid the design to ensure the illicit close sex of household; In addition, the shutter is completely enclosed when a window, can play the role of acoustic insulation.

Shutters function

Aluminium alloy

Beautiful and energy-saving, concise and neat Venetian blinds can be fully collected, the scenery in the window is clear, the window is simple and easy. The curtain takes up part of window space, make the width of the visual window of the house is affected, appear cumbersome.

To protect privacy

In leaf of concave and convex direction to block the line of sight, daylighting, blocking the top-down outside the line of sight of the night, convex surface of the blade to the interior, the shadow will not hit show outside, clean, comfortable, clean and convenient.

Usually just wipe with a rag, please use neutral lotion when cleaning. Don't worry about fading and discoloring. Waterproof blinds can also be completely washed.

Warm in winter and cool in summer

The use of good insulation materials, effectively keeping the indoor temperature, achieve the purpose of saving energy. (note: only a few brands with good reputation can guarantee this, and the beauty of appearance doesn't mean everything.)

Simple and free Angle adjustment, control the incoming light, to adjust the Angle of the blade to control the incoming light, can adjust the blade to the appropriate position.

Blocking ultraviolet

Effectively block ultraviolet ray and protect the furniture from the ultraviolet radiation.

Avoid welding integrated assembly process, simple, convenient installation high temperature hot dipping zinc strip, after fully automatic CNC bending equipment, 20 cold bending forming process, through the automatic coating production line of surface treatment process, high quality, high strength steel shutter profiles of zinc. Compared with the traditional aluminum alloy, the zinc steel louver, the cost cost is reduced, the intensity increases. The upright moment of the column is fully automatic CNC equipment perforation, fast assembly speed, short time, materials can be cut directly to the site, site assembly installation.