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Blinds Selective Use Oct 26, 2017

pvc foam shutters can be completely controlled by the rope or put down, and the size of one to one, it is simple and generous window. Through the regulation of light, blinds can also bring modern and simple space to change the pleasing feeling; a variety of colors to make the choice of blinds and home decoration style integration. Blinds Flexible leaf curtain, not only stretch freely, but also with the light angle changes to selectively use, Blinds both to block the direct exposure of the light, but also to retain the other location transmitted light. When not in use, just a pull can be hidden in the top of the dark groove, obviously the field of view is much better, Blinds and the blinds will not fade and discoloration. pvc foam louver blinds free exercise is high, can be adjusted by the blade angle to control the light of the injection and occlusion, the most suitable state and location exists. pvc foam blinds by the leaves in the form of convex display, in order to block the outside line of sight. In this way, Blinds in the light at the same time, not only blocked from top to bottom of the outside line of sight, even in the evening leaves the convex surface to the room, the shadow will not be reflected outdoors.

pvc foam shutters are open up and down, not like curtains can be left and right to open, it seems to block the lack of function, blinds, after all, between the leaves are not closely linked, the middle and around the gap, may be in a certain angle There is a lack of occlusion of the situation, Blinds the blinds are up and down to open, an open on the equivalent of all open, unlike the same curtain can open around. Blinds pvc foam blinds style single, decorative function is weak, the appearance of the decorative visual effects than the colorful cloth curtains. Venetian blinds are made of a piece of leaflets, these leaves after a long period of easy to use dust, Blinds cleaning wipe more trouble. pvc foam shutters do not play the role of warm and sound insulation, Blinds most are not environmentally friendly, but also in the sudden hot and cold environment alternately easy to deformation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PVC foam shutters? Read the above description, I believe you understand it In summary, we can see, pvc foam shutters also exist some inherent defects, Blinds such as in some cases or after a period of time to use cleaning is very troublesome, Blinds but its aesthetic and protection of the advantages of security features is indeed unmatched.