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Blinds Thermal Design Characteristics Nov 02, 2017

Louver curtain ventilated air permeability is good, can adjust indoor illumination intensity, especially applicable to concise and lively indoor space. Easy to fade, undeformed, thermal insulation effect good plastic aluminum shutter is one of the more commonly used, the following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing this product:

1. Observe colors

The curtain accessories including blade and all accessories (line stand, regulating rods, drawing) as well as the regulating rods gadgets to keep the same color, this shows that the production process has been pass, the quality of the curtain is better also.

Check the finish

With the hand feeling blade and line frame smooth, the product of good quality should be smooth and smooth, the edge is smooth, without the feeling of prickly hand.

3. Open the curtains to test the opening and closing function of the blades

Turn the adjustment rod to open the blade, and the blades should maintain a good level of levelness, that is, the distance between each blade is symmetrical, the blades remain flat and without the feeling of up-or down. When the blade is closed, each blade should be in agreement with each other without any gaps.

Check the deformation resistance

When the blade is opened, the blade can be pushed down by hand to make it bend under the force blade, and then quickly release the blade, such as the return of the blades to the horizontal state without bending, which indicates that the quality is qualified.

5. Test the automatic locking function

When the blade is all closed, pull the pull line and roll up the blades. At this point, pull the right pull line, the blade should lock automatically, keep the corresponding roll state, neither continue to roll, nor loosen the slide. Otherwise, the lock function is problematic.

Blind maintenance

1. Special dust removal equipment is recommended

2. Wipe off the dust with a semi-wet sponge or a soft cloth and dry the water with a dry cloth

3. Soft and smooth operation can extend the service life of Venetian blinds, while regular use of candles on the rope can be used several times to make your lifting operation easier.

4. Keep the curtain surface dry

Shutter cooling design features

Design: 1, before the outlet diffuser set positive orientation by aluminum alloy shutter, in the product can completely solve the disadvantages of traditional radiator blow black wall, create a clean and beautiful indoor environment for you.

2. Super thin shape design: the shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy, and the thickness is only 125mm. It has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and small occupation of space. The overall structure is compact and the shape is beautiful and generous.

Design: 3, natural circulation evaporator both in and out of the water header with large cavity copper tube, water flow is big, less circulation resistance, with functions of automatic exhaust without the use of forced circulation pump power can be used normally, central heating and TuNuanQi can be installed.

4, efficient transmission design: evaporator (has applied for national patent) by the high quality of copper tube and aluminum fin lhe swelling, has quick heat conduction, heat with high efficiency, corrosion resistance, long service life, heat radiator is equal volume 2-3 times.

5, automatic temperature control design, room temperature microcomputer automatic control (remote control) and manual setting function, according to water temperature automatically adjust fan speed (including), according to the water temperature (35 ℃) and room temperature automatic startup shutdown.

6. Low noise design: low noise, large air volume, guaranteed quality and durable.