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Blinds Ventilation And Privacy Oct 18, 2017

Air conditioning cover blinds referred to as air conditioning cover, Blinds and the general installation of the blinds on the form of the essential difference, Blinds but the service object and the role of a slight difference Bale.

Installed on the form of the louvers mainly play the role of ordinary curtains to adjust the light, in addition to its ventilation and privacy performance is better guaranteed, and now in the field of home improvement is very popular. The air conditioning cover blinds, Blinds the main thing is to protect the role of air conditioning outside the machine, not only to prevent the external machine fall and damage, more importantly, to prevent it from falling down will hurt people. And the use of louvers to do the form of air conditioning outside the protective cover is naturally a ventilated breathable characteristics, while protecting the air conditioning machine does not affect its normal operation and air exchange.

In general, air conditioning cover blinds because of the higher security requirements, and therefore more sophisticated materials, must be made of high strength aluminum can only. Blinds In addition, its specifications should be designed in accordance with the size of air conditioning outside the machine, should not be too large to cause unnecessary construction load, nor too small ventilation.

1, the former outlet design: the outlet set in the product from the front of the aluminum alloy louver guide, Blinds can completely solve the traditional radiator blowing black wall of the drawbacks for you to create a clean and beautiful indoor environment.

2, ultra-thin shape design: shell made of high-quality aluminum alloy forming, the thickness of only 125mm, with light weight, corrosion resistance, less space and other advantages, Blinds the overall structure of compact, handsome in appearance.

3, the natural cycle design: the evaporator at both ends of the water out of the box with a large cavity copper tube, water flow, less cycle resistance,Blinds with automatic exhaust function without the use of water pump forced power cycle can be used normally, Can be installed.

4, efficient conductive design: the evaporator (has applied for national patent) by the high-quality copper and aluminum foil finned from the expansion, with fast heat transfer, high heat efficiency, Blinds corrosion resistance, long life advantages, the heat is the same volume of heat 2-3 times the device.

5, automatic temperature control design: room temperature microcomputer automatic control (remote control) and manual settings, Blinds according to the water pipe temperature automatically adjust the fan speed (high school low), according to the water temperature (35 ℃) and room temperature automatically turn off the machine.

6, low noise design: the fan with the world power known Haier motor and domestic well-known manufacturers fan composed of fan assembly, low noise, air volume, quality assurance, durable.