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Pleated Blinds Composition Oct 25, 2017

Some friends will make their own curtains, and some friends like to buy products directly in the market curtains. Finished curtains are very diverse types, different types of curtains can bring us a different home decoration effect, blinds and 100 fold curtain decoration effect is very good for everyone to introduce their characteristics.

Venetian blinds: made of aluminum alloy, wood bamboo paint processing, durable, easy to wash, solid color, shade, heat, breathable and so on. You can adjust the angle of the curtain through the rocker, through the rope to control the curtain up and down.

The composition of the blinds: the curtain body, two parts of the composition.

1), Baiye curtains that curtains, curtain width of the conventional 2.5CM or 5CM, the material has aluminum alloy or wood chips and bamboo and so on. Cutting width is equal to the actual product width, the number of curtains is based on the corresponding height of the finished product changes, such as by 5CM a finished product height of 160CM, then the number of curtains film = 160 / (5-1.5) can be. In the case of

2), the main accessories of the blinds are up and down rails, rails, reel, slip, corns, upper and lower rails, rope, rocker, ladder, etc .; auxiliary accessories: installation code, installation screws, gecko (plastic expansion screw )Wait.

Venetian blinds according to curtains classification: bamboo blinds, wood blinds, aluminum blinds, PVC blinds and so on.

Venetian guide system with wire and guide two categories.

Curtain curtain: is to make the screen-style folding flexible cord to fold the form of stretching, to recover the folding curtain. Because of its unique folds modeling, so that shade and reflect the sun area than other curtains 1/3, unparalleled shade effect, but also has a good sound insulation effect.

Bai Zhe curtain composition: the curtain body, the two parts of the composition.

1), 100% curtain body that is fabric, can provide from 10mm to 45mm discount height can be selected, the standard 20 / 25mm section. Cutting width is equal to the actual product width, the number of curtains is based on the corresponding height of the corresponding changes, such as by 25MM section, the finished product height of 64 ", then the curtain section number = 64 * 42/64 section can be.

2), 100 fold the main accessories according to the brake is divided into rope-type, pull-type and spring-style. The main accessories are the upper and lower rails, the head group, the corns, the lower rails, the rope, etc .; the spring type The main accessories are up and down rail, spring group, over the wheel group, corns, up and down the rail envelope, rope and so on;

Accessories: installation code, installation screws, geckos (plastic expansion screws) and so on.

Bai Zhe curtain according to the functional classification: pull rope hundred fold curtain, pull beads Bai Zhe curtain, spring Bai Zhe curtain, up and down opening and closing Bai Bai, and so on.

Pull rope Bai Zhe curtain: rope through the side of the rope to control the curtain body to lift.

Pull beads Bai Zhe curtain: through the curtain side of the beads to control the curtain body to lift.

Spring baffle: through the upper rail built-in spring group of auxiliary brake to control the curtain body to lift.

Up and down the opening and closing of the curtain: through the curtain on both sides of the rope to control the curtain body to lift.

At the same time the top of the curtain can be round, semi-circular, octagonal, trapezoidal and other geometric graphics.