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Pleated Blinds Design Style Sep 30, 2017

The hundred fold curtain is interior decoration contracted style curtain, its design is derived from the need to develop with the demand of the day and night different light to be done together type window adorn. During the day, intense sunlight filters through window screens. In the evening, tight shading fabrics will block out the outdoor light. Widely used in: home, school, hotel, villa, office, office, entertainment and so on.

Functional features

1. The two pieces of yarn are connected with cloth by three guide rails.

2. Pull rope brake lock system, operate smoothly, can adjust the indoor light freely by pulling rope.

3. Clean appearance, easy installation and removal.

4, daylighting comfortable, can make enter indoor light more downy, build comfortable and tidy indoor environment.

5, rich color, design, easy to coordinate with home decoration style.

6. Can produce curtain of day and night, curtain and other distinctive features, reduced to small, do not obstruct the field of vision.

7. Manual, electric, remote control of various operation modes are available, easy to operate.

8, can provide from 10 mm to 45 mm height can choose discount, standard 20 mm, flaps after high temperature, high pressure, anti-static processing, anti-wrinkle deformation, moistureproof mildew, not easily infected with dirt, stains easy to clean.

9. The combination of the two curtains, meet the requirements of the light at different times in the day, and open a double folding curtain to ensure privacy while lighting and ventilation.

Curtain maintenance

1. Keep clean and anti-fouling, keep the curtains clean.

2. Whether it is pulling a bead or pulling a cord, it can't be too fast and too fast to close the curtains, so that the curtains can't be rolled up properly; When you put it down, you can't go too fast and avoid the curtain falling too fast.

3. Clean the pulley for a while and lubricate it.

The style of folding curtain style

Jewels hundred fold up and down shade, dry electric remote control twist and curtain, twist and curtain, day and night day window hundred fold the curtain, twist and curtain, round, semicircle, octagon, trapezoidal, manual dimming, pull cable, calligraphy and painting, color, dyeing, printing and so on.