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Roller Blinds Quality Problem Nov 02, 2017

Shutter is one of the tracery product, is the curtain cloth by the resin finishing, rolled into a cylinder shape, use rope or chain on the way up and down, the operation is simple, convenient and has the appearance is concise, make window frame appears clean, make the room look spacious contracted.

The shutter mainly includes the electric rolling curtain, the bead curtain, the spring curtain.

Shutter type

Electric shutter mechanism is a kind of light with tubular motor development electric shutter machine, its operation with electrical switches, simple operation, stable work quiet, is one of the shutter upgrade products, so compared with similar imported products, its cost performance is very superior. According to the size of the curtain, different specifications of motors can be selected, and a motor can be used to tow multiple pairs of curtains.

Electric shutter is made of tubular motor development light electric shutter machine, simple operation, stable work quiet, is one of the shutter upgrade products, compared with similar products, its price is very superior, the motor noise is small, big power, convenient debugging, control precision, reliable and suitable for special auxiliary track or guide rope, shutter most sharply to 20 m tall, according to the height of roller shutters, can choose a diameter of 50 mm and 70 mm, 78 mm roller tube, according to the size of the fabric weight, can choose different specifications of the motor, can use more than one motor and drive roller.

The electric roller curtain is suitable for large and iconic buildings, which can be up to 2.5 meters in width and up to 20 meters in height.

According to the use of the curtain, the infrared remote control and the wireless remote control can be controlled separately or in groups.

The control part of the drawing curtain mechanism is a kind of mechanism which can control the mechanical principle of the passive axis in the rotation movement by using the torsion of coil spring. This mechanism can ensure that the curtain will not fall due to the weight of the load, and that the curtain will rise or fall, and smooth and stable.

Pull bead curtain is suitable for general roll, hand pull operation, height is 3-5 meters commonly.

The control part of the spring curtain mechanism is a ball-type overrunning clutch. It is also a kind of one-way control device

The spring in the clutch is cancelled, and some parts are modified slightly, and the spring roller shutter mechanism is used.

The elastic force of spring roll can adjust the fabric to rise and fall within a certain range, and can stop at any position. Gently pull down, a let go, the fabric can easily bounce back to the top of the curtain, the operation is easy, the operation time is short, stay in the position is arbitrary.

The spring coil curtain structure is small and urgent, the operation is flexible and convenient, the area under 4 square meters is appropriate.

The shade is used to effectively shade the bright light into the room, and it has a curtain of light, transparency and temperature adjustment. It can be used according to different needs in the decoration of various buildings, such as villas, office buildings, business buildings, hotels, high-end workshop sunshade, etc.

Material: most of the shades are composed of various parts of the machine and sunshade fabrics. The shading fabric is also divided into: fiberglass fabric and polyester fabrics. Fiberglass fabric is mainly PVC coated glass fiber. Polyester fabric is PVC coated polyester fiber. New spinning adiabatic shutter easily, use special uv protection material segment digital technology, using the tatting and knitting perfect weaving technology, finished curtain processing technology, not only can make shutter to resist ultraviolet damage by 99.8% shading do not shading effect.

Fireproof roll-curtain refers to a curtain that can meet the requirements of fire resistance and refractory integrity within a certain period of time. Fireproof roll curtain is a kind of activity fireproof divider, usually rolled up in the trunk of the door and window of the box, when the fire, put it down, to prevent the fire from the door of the doors and doors to spread. It is usually composed of curtain board, guide rail, lintel, seat plate, transmission device, rolling door machine, control box and so on. Fire shutter is widely used in all kinds of industrial and civil buildings. When fire occurs, it can be closed automatically to prevent fire and smoke from spreading, fighting fire time, reducing casualties and economic and property losses.

Quality problems of fireproof rolling screen:

(1) the material, thickness of main parts of raw materials can not meet the standard requirements, such as plate needs 3.0 mm thickness of steel plate, some manufacturers with 1.0 mm thickness of steel plate, it will lead to plate rigidity is not enough, easy extrusion deformation.

(2) in the guideway inspection, the parallelism error and vertical degree error of the majority of manufacturers are not met with the standard requirements, resulting in the large gap between the middle gaps and the fire and smoke prevention measures.

(3) plate, some manufacturers of fire shutter can't contact with the ground, in the event of fire, the fire from between the plate and the ground, by the fire place spread to other parts, cannot effectively prevent spread of fire smoke, not fire separation effect.

(4) there is no drawing production in the production enterprises of fireproof rolling curtain. In order to save the business, most of the enterprises according to the size of the door, the site assembly and installation, do not draw the drawing, resulting in the installation quality low.