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Roller Blinds Simple Structure Oct 18, 2017

Now farmers use more self-propelled, also known as pole style. It uses the power of the rolling machine up and down free rolling curtains, not the size of the impact of the size of the greenhouse, it only uses a quarter of the rope pull rope can be, safe operation. It consists of the nose, pole, roll, Roller Blinds cable, down the switch and other major components. Greenhouse Roller increases the profitability of the greenhouse. This machine is a kind of sub-player for the new greenhouse products of solar greenhouse plastic greenhouse, suitable for sun greenhouse insulation layer curtain or curtain curtain and paving, the machine will be the traditional manual pull curtain operation into automatic mechanical operation, With a successful shutter, scroll speed, Roller Blinds save people and physical. The advantages of shed shutter machine;

1, the machine throughout the rolling operation can be reduced from the original manual operation 2 hours / day to 8 minutes / day.

2, the use of green roll machine can reduce the operator labor intensity, Roller Blinds save manpower, shorten the shutter time, while improving the efficiency of rolling shutter.

3, the use of green curtains curtains curtains, Roller Blinds the daily volume of a rapid completion of the volume, roll faster, every day to extend the light time of more than 3 hours.

4, the use of shed rolling machine roll even when the force, and extend the life of straw or cotton curtain. Under normal manual mode, the use period of the grass curtain is two years. Roller Blinds The use period of the curtain curtain is more than four years, which reduces the investment cost of the solar greenhouse and increases the profitability of the greenhouse.

Vegetable growers in the choice of rolling machine to see when the nose is a four-speed or five-speed variable speed, in general, five-speed transmission of the nose gear, each gear to share the force is small, the overall load bearing stronger, It is more suitable for more than 80 meters to 200 meters under the use of greenhouses; but the four-speed variable speed rolling machine, Roller Blinds because the head gear less, each gear to share the force, the overall load bearing capacity is small, the longer the greenhouse The greater the total weight of the straw, which will affect its service life, so it is suitable for 100 meters long within the greenhouse.

The vegetable growers use more of the second type of rolling machine for the track type. This kind of rolling machine needs to be designed according to the individual design of each shed. Roller Blinds The corresponding triangular track is installed. The orbit is about 70 cm above the shed, and then the head is mounted on the triangular track, and the power of the rolling machine is used to realize the grass Curtain pull, not affected by the slope of the greenhouse, put more than the self-propelled roller machine. The third is the rear-style shed rolling machine. It is the use of rope to pull the straw curtain, put the grass curtain when using the grass curtain itself gravity rolling down, so vulnerable to the impact of greenhouses slope, when the shed slope is not conducive to put grass curtain, use. After the scroll roller shutter structure is simple, the cost is slightly lower, Roller Blinds generally 100 meters of the cost of the greenhouse in 3000-4000 yuan. This kind of rolling machine used for some time, it is easy to cause each rope uneven force, elastic, vegetable farmers need to adjust the rope tight, a lot of security risks, Roller Blinds the previous rolling machine bite, mostly this shutter As for the machine, the vegetable growers using the rolling machine began to decrease.