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Roller Blinds The Normal Function Oct 26, 2017

The sunshade is a kind of scrolling (manual or electric) closing device, Roller Blinds usually it is used as a window opening of the additional opening and closing device, Roller Blinds installed on the outside of the window The Roller shutter window mainly by the shutter beam (shutter baffle), shaft, rail and drive part of the composition.

(1) the combination of various materials and the weather resistance does not allow corrosion or other adverse effects.

(2) the shutter window must be designed to ensure that the composition of the roller plate leaves, profiles can not be between each other, so as to ensure the normal function of the shutter device.

(3) the shutter window in the fully closed state, Roller Blinds each leaf must be well sealed, can not have light leakage phenomenon; in the absence of a fully closed state, must reveal the leaves between the leaves, play a role in light The

(4) manual operation of the shutter window of the seat within the width of 750mm, the need to install a limit head, in the width of the above need to install two limit head.

(5) If there is no special requirement for insulation and anti-theft, Roller Blinds the following conditions shall be satisfied between the guide rails and the shutter of the shutter window:

The depth of the roller plate is at least 1% of the width of the roll plate, Roller Blinds that is, not less than 20 mm. The plastic or metal shutter window has a width of about 15% of the nominal thickness of the blade. Also this applies to rails built into the building. Roller Blinds If there is no overall relationship between the guide rails installed in the building and the shutter window, Roller Blinds the material must be aluminum or plastic with a cavity. Aluminum alloy rail when the wall thickness can not be less than 1.2mm.

Roller shutter has a beautiful appearance, suitable for office and home windows shade, especially for large-scale glass curtain wall curtain. When the shutter fabric down, Roller Blinds let the indoor light soft, from the direct sunlight, to achieve a good shade effect, Roller Blinds when the roll up when its volume, and very small, so that is not easy to be aware of.