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Roller Blinds The Quality Problem Oct 17, 2017

Shade is one of the tracery product, is the curtain cloth by the resin finishing, rolled into a cylinder shape, use rope or chain on the way up and down, the operation is simple, convenient and has the appearance is concise, make window frame appears clean, make the room look spacious contracted.

The shutter mainly includes the electric rolling curtain, the bead curtain, the spring curtain. The shutter with appearance is concise, structure is firm and durable, and many other advantages, shutter is suitable for a variety of places, such as commercial office building, hotel, restaurant, office, household (used as gauze shade), especially for large area glass curtain wall. When the shutter fabrics to put down, can make indoor light is downy, from direct sunlight, achieve good shading effect, when the curtain rises its volume, and is very small, so difficult to detect. The curtain fabric has a semi-shade, semi-permeable shutter, full shutter, and the latest anti-ultraviolet roller screen, waterproof rolling screen, easy to decontamination engineering curtain fabric. Control methods: manual roller, electric roller, spring semi-automatic shutter, etc. It can be used for office curtain, school curtain, hotel curtain, hotel curtain

Manual shading screen

The manual roller curtain is mainly composed of coil tube, fabric, tail plug, head, lower rod, seal head, tail code, and bead etc.

Electric shutter

Electric roller curtain mainly consists of coil, fabric, tail plug, head, lower rod, sealing head, motor, driving wheel and so on.

Special note

Quality problems of fireproof rolling screen:

(1) the material, thickness of main parts of raw materials can not meet the standard requirements, such as plate needs 3.0 mm thickness of steel plate, some manufacturers with 1.0 mm thickness of steel plate, it will lead to plate rigidity is not enough, easy extrusion deformation.

(2) in the guideway inspection, the parallelism error and vertical degree error of the majority of manufacturers are not met with the standard requirements, resulting in the large gap between the middle gaps and the fire and smoke prevention measures.

(3) plate, some manufacturers of fire shutter can't contact with the ground, in the event of fire, the fire from between the plate and the ground, by the fire place spread to other parts, cannot effectively prevent spread of fire smoke, not fire separation effect.

(4) there is no drawing production in the production enterprises of fireproof rolling curtain. In order to save the business, most of the enterprises according to the size of the door, the site assembly and installation, do not draw the drawing, resulting in the installation quality low.