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Venetian Blinds Easy And Convenient Oct 18, 2017

Blinds is a kind of curtains, scared generally used for office comparison of convenience, Venetian Blinds the family in order to comfort in general or cloth curtains.

Soft venetian blinds clean the first window off, spray on it with the right amount of water or polish, and then wipe with a rag, both to keep the curtains clean for a long time. Venetian Blinds Curtain of the rope, you can use a soft bristle brush gently wipe. If the curtain is dirty, you can wipe the cloth with some warm water to wash the washing, can also use a little ammonia solution to wipe.

The use of blinds to block the dust into the room, Venetian Blinds but also by the benefits, but the dust will generally fall on the blinds, cleaning up more difficult, and now have the cleaning skills can be more simple and convenient.

Blinds window lattice to do oblique lattice, horizontal direction inside and outside invisible, only to see the slope to see. In ancient times people made wooden windows lattice, mainly used to achieve the purpose of ventilation and air circulation, while the near blinds. Until the Tang Dynasty, Venetian Blinds the people are represented by a straight lattice window. To the Ming Dynasty, lying lattice windows have great development. In the Song Dynasty brick tower to make a variety of a variety of straight lattice window, Venetian Blinds in the Ming Dynasty brick tower also do lying lattice window, especially examples of those who are the predecessor of the blinds. Window lattice, nothing more than a few styles, not the bar is the vertical bar. The crossbar is the shape of the blinds. Strictly speaking, Venetian Blinds the lattice window and the blinds are a little different, that is, lying lattice window and the gap is transparent.

But the modern shutters were invented by the Americans, called John Hampson and in August 21, 1841 made the invention patent.

Blinds are generally relatively wide, Venetian Blinds generally used for indoor and outdoor shade, ventilation. More and more people agree that the blinds are evolved from the blinds. Leaf curtain wall features many advantages, Venetian Blinds and very beautiful, generally used for high-rise buildings.

Blinds, windows with louvers. Different from the blinds. Blinds like curtains, leaves smaller, can Shoulong, is our TV or daily common.