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Venetian Blinds Replace The Brief Steps Oct 25, 2017

Soft louvers curtains when the first curtains off, spray the right amount of water or polish, wipe with a rag, you can keep it clean and bright. As for the curtains of the rope, you can use a soft bristle brush. If the curtain is dirty, you can use wipes dipped in some warm water detergent cleaning, can also use a little ammonia solution wipe.

Roller curtains pull it down into a flat, rub with a cloth. The roller is hollow, can be used with a thin stick, one end of the hair stretched into the non-stop rotation, can remove the dust.

Velvet curtains should be soaked in the curtains in the alkaline detergent, hand light pressure, washed on the inclined shelves, so that the water automatically drip, it will clean as new.

Canvas and cloth or linen made of curtains with a sponge dipped in some warm water or soap solution, ammonia solution mixed with the liquid to be wiped, to be dry after the roll can be.

Electrostatic flocking curtains This curtain can not be soaked in the water rubbing or scrubbing, just use cotton yarn dipped in alcohol or gasoline gently wipe on the line. If the flannel is too wet, avoid forced twist, so as not to fall, affecting the appearance. Can use both hands to pressure the water or let it dry naturally, can maintain the original flocking face.

If the blinds are clean, or the maintenance is better, the old rope is not broken, then you do not need to remove the blinds, you just install a new rope can be. The following is a brief step to replace the soft louver rope:

Step 1: Pull down the blinds so that the blades are tilted horizontally. The end of the rope is fixed on the inside of the lower rail. If the lower rail is made of wood, then the end of the knotted rope is simply nailed to the end of the tape. If the next rail is metal, then pull out the next spring of the spring cover and clip, you can see the knotted rope. Unlock the end of the rope and connect the end of the new rope to this end. And then tightly bond the ends together with the tape.

Step 2: Lift the old rope, pull the new rope up through the leaves of the side, cross the top and pass through the control pulley. Leave an extra rope for the new drawer and keep the rope down to pull it through the side of the rope.

Step 3: When the end of the new rope knot reaches the next track, loosen the old rope, hold it aside, and cut off the extra rope at the top. Knot the ends of the new rope, and fix the new rope in the way that the old rope was fixed. Replace the spring cover of the lower rail, remove the strap on the old drawstring, and install it on the new rope. Use the length of the rope to adjust the rope until the blinds can work smoothly.