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China ladder tape fabrics for shangri la blinds

  • Manual Shangri La Blinds

    Manual Shangri La BlindsDescriptions: Shangrila blinds Alias TRIPLE SHEER SHADES, SILHOUETTE etc. It is a kind of very beautiful textile blinds, which is more and more popular all over the world.

  • Translucent Fabrics

    Translucent Fabrics

  • Finished Panel Blinds

    Finished Panel BlindsDescriptions: sliding panel track blinds, gliding window panel shades panel track blinds panel shades made by 3-6 ways PVC or Aluminum track, which hanging with textiles...

  • Multi Color Fabrics

    Multi Color FabricsDescriptions: multi color fabrics for zebra blinds 1) Composition: 100 % polyester 2) Width: 300cm 3) Length of each roll: 45-50m 4) Shading rate: 55-75%

  • Linen Woven Blinds

    Linen Woven BlindsDescriptions: linen ramie jute woven blinds More and more peoples like the natural woven blinds, especially the natural thin fabrics, which made by linen ramie jute sisal hemp etc.