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China shangrila blinds triple sheer shades

  • Awning Blinds System

    Awning Blinds SystemDescriptions: awning blinds system We have 2 control device for awning blinds: 1) Manual system Advantages: - easy to be assembled - cheaper - operate simply Weak point: - if the building is high, it is not suitable to install manual system. - if too much of ceiling with awning blinds, it will...

  • Cutting & Punching Machine For Wooden / Fauxwood / PVC Foam Venetian Blinds

    Cutting & Punching Machine For Wooden / Fauxwood / PVC Foam Venetian BlindsDescriptions: electric saw cutter for wooden blinds slats Features: 1, cleanly cuts wood slats to their required lengths before punching and assembling. 2, it is possible to cut all kinds...

  • Aluminum Slats for Venetian Blinds

    Aluminum Slats for Venetian BlindsDescriptions: aluminum slats for venetian blinds Aluminum slats is most widely used for Venetian blinds. It is waterproof, fireproof, and easy to be cleaned.

  • PVC SLATs for Venetian Blinds

    PVC SLATs for Venetian BlindsDescriptions: PVC SLATS for venetian blinds 25mm PVC mini venetian blinds is a kind of traditional horizontal blinds, which is widely used for home decoration...

  • Finished Panel Blinds

    Finished Panel BlindsDescriptions: sliding panel track blinds, gliding window panel shades panel track blinds panel shades made by 3-6 ways PVC or Aluminum track, which hanging with textiles...

  • Roman Blinds Fabrics

    Roman Blinds FabricsDecriptions: Roman blinds with Translucent fabrics, stripe fabrics, embroidered fabrics, blackout fabris, printed fabrics, cotton & linen blended fabrics.

  • Exterior Venetian Blinds

    Exterior Venetian BlindsDESCRIPTIONS: Outdoor Aluminum window louvers External venetian blinds Exterior window covering Nowadays, there are more and more skyscrapers fixed with Glass-curtain...