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China wooden bamboo beads curtains for door

  • Plastic Beads Curtains

    Plastic Beads CurtainsDescriptions: plastic beaded door curtains Plastic beaded door curtains is widely used in home decoration for many years. It is with many color, many types.

  • Wooden & Bamboo Beads Curtains

    Wooden & Bamboo Beads CurtainsDescriptions: painted wooden & bamboo beads door curtains In order to pursue a primitive quaint life, Some peoples like natural hanging curtains, which made by painted...

  • Wooden Slats for Venetian Blinds

    Wooden Slats for Venetian BlindsDescriptions: Wooden slats valance bottom rail for Venetian blinds, bamboo slats, valance for venetian blinds Wooden Timber venetian blinds is eco...

  • Micro Matchstick Bamboo Blinds

    Micro Matchstick Bamboo BlindsDescriptions: micro matchstick bamboo blinds How can you believe? The diameter of each bamboo matchsticks is 0.8mm ! Not only 0.8mm, in fact, now we can make...

  • Crystal Beads Curtains

    Crystal Beads CurtainsDescriptions: crystal beaded door curtains Crystal beaded door curtains looks like a number of diamonds or jewelry string. Under the light, it is shining brightly...

  • Finished Bamboo Blinds

    Finished Bamboo BlindsDescriptions : Natural window covering Shining Windoware Co. is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor for all kinds of NATURAL WINDOW COVERING...

  • Bamboo Curtains Woven Blinds

    Bamboo Curtains Woven BlindsDescriptions: pure bamboo chick round flat oval sticks screen for bamboo curtains woven blinds We do business in flexible way, not only supply the finished bamboo curtains...