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Manual Shangri La Blinds With ball chain

  • Finished Panel Blinds

    Finished Panel BlindsDescriptions: sliding panel track blinds, gliding window panel shades panel track blinds panel shades made by 3-6 ways PVC or Aluminum track, which hanging with textiles...

  • Motorized Shangrila Blinds

    Motorized Shangrila BlindsDescriptions: motorized electric shangrila blinds triple sheer shades silhouette If the size of your window is big, just make it with ELECTRIC system.

  • Full Automatically Cutting Machine For The Fabrics Of Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Zebra Blinds, Shangrila Blinds

    Full Automatically Cutting Machine For The Fabrics Of Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Zebra Blinds, Shangrila BlindsDescriptions: full automatically cutting machine for the fabrics of roller blinds, roman blinds, zebra blinds, shangrila blinds ITEM NUMBER: BLIND-CB-3200

  • Aluminum Profile For Zebra Blinds

    Aluminum Profile For Zebra BlindsTechnical data of aluminum extrusion for zebra blinds, sheer shades:

  • Grass Woven Blinds

    Grass Woven BlindsDescriptions: Grass reed rattan woven blinds To enjoy the natural ECO-FRIENDLY lift, just use the natural woven blinds, which made by grass, reed, rattan, bamboo, wood etc...

  • Natural Woven Blinds

    Natural Woven BlindsDescriptions: multi materials grass reed jute screen for bamboo curtains woven blinds We make and supply Natural fiber window coverings, which are made from fiber of natural plants...

  • Indoor Blinds

    Indoor BlindsDescriptions: Manual Venetian blinds, window louvers Alias: Horizontal blinds, Mini Blinds, louvers etc. This is one of most classic blinds, and has a long history all over the world. It is widely used in home and business office. Advantages: - all peoples know it and like it. - more cheaper -...

  • Aluminum Profile For Pleated Blinds

    Aluminum Profile For Pleated BlindsDescriptions: aluminum frame headrail bottom rail for pleated blinds We provide one-stop shopping service for PLEATED BLINDS, such as finished blinds, fabrics, components, and aluminum extrusion products. Now I would like to recommend some classic aluminum headrail & bottom rail for PLEATED...