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bamboo yarn metal wire woven blinds

  • Vertical Blinds Components

    Vertical Blinds ComponentsDescriptions: motorized operating system for vertical blinds Motorized system for vertical blinds can open the blinds from the central to both side...

  • Manual System Components for 2 Venetian Blinds

    Manual System Components for 2 Venetian BlindsDescriptions : Accessories, components for 2" venetian blinds We make the finished venetian blinds, also supply various accessories/ components for 2”venetian blinds...

  • Micro Matchstick Bamboo Blinds

    Micro Matchstick Bamboo BlindsDescriptions: micro matchstick bamboo blinds How can you believe? The diameter of each bamboo matchsticks is 0.8mm ! Not only 0.8mm, in fact, now we can make...

  • Vertical Blinds Screen

    Vertical Blinds ScreenDescriptions: PVC slats of Vertical blinds We supply various PVC slats for VERTICAL BLINDS. It is more easy to be made as a finished blinds.

  • Motorized Roller Blinds Mechanism

    Motorized Roller Blinds Mechanism

  • Aluminum Profile For Honeycomb Blinds

    Aluminum Profile For Honeycomb BlindsDescriptions: aluminum frame headrail bottom rail for honeycomb blinds cellular shades There are 2 main kinds of aluminum profile for honeycomb blinds: 1) for internal cellular...

  • Shangri La Blinds Fabric

    Shangri La Blinds FabricDescriptions: shangri la blinds fabrics We know there are 3 layers for Shangrila blinds fabrics, 2 sheer and 1 cloth. How to connect the sheer and cloth?

  • Aluminum Slats for Venetian Blinds

    Aluminum Slats for Venetian BlindsDescriptions: aluminum slats for venetian blinds Aluminum slats is most widely used for Venetian blinds. It is waterproof, fireproof, and easy to be cleaned.

  • Aluminum Profile For Pleated Blinds

    Aluminum Profile For Pleated BlindsDescriptions: aluminum frame headrail bottom rail for pleated blinds We provide one-stop shopping service for PLEATED BLINDS, such as finished blinds, fabrics, components, and aluminum extrusion products. Now I would like to recommend some classic aluminum headrail & bottom rail for PLEATED...

  • Bamboo Curtains Woven Blinds

    Bamboo Curtains Woven BlindsDescriptions: pure bamboo chick round flat oval sticks screen for bamboo curtains woven blinds We do business in flexible way, not only supply the finished bamboo curtains...