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blackout fabrics for zebra blinds

  • Motorized Honeycomb Blinds

    Motorized Honeycomb BlindsDescriptions: motorized honeycomb blinds, electric cellular shades For Awning or Ceiling with cellular screen, it could be very high, and difficult for Subscribers to operate it by hand.

  • Micro Matchstick Bamboo Blinds

    Micro Matchstick Bamboo BlindsDescriptions: micro matchstick bamboo blinds How can you believe? The diameter of each bamboo matchsticks is 0.8mm ! Not only 0.8mm, in fact, now we can make...

  • Indoor Blinds

    Indoor BlindsDescriptions: Manual Venetian blinds, window louvers Alias: Horizontal blinds, Mini Blinds, louvers etc. This is one of most classic blinds, and has a long history all over the world. It is widely used in home and business office. Advantages: - all peoples know it and like it. - more cheaper -...

  • Hanas Blinds

    Hanas BlindsDescriptions: Vertical Sheer Shades / Hanas blinds /luminette blinds Luminette Privacy Sheers marry the beauty of sheers with the privacy of soft draperies.

  • Pleated Fabrics

    Pleated FabricsDescriptions: folded fabrics for zebra blinds ) 1) Composition: 100 % polyester 2) Width: 300cm 3) Length of each roll: 40-50m 4) Shading rate: 50-70%

  • Motorized Operating System For Honeycomb Blinds Cellular Shades

    Motorized Operating System For Honeycomb Blinds Cellular ShadesDescriptions: motorized operating system for honeycomb blinds cellular shades Motorized Honeycomb blinds is widely used for any place: Especially for the Dome of high building.

  • Vertical Blinds Screen

    Vertical Blinds ScreenDescriptions: PVC slats of Vertical blinds We supply various PVC slats for VERTICAL BLINDS. It is more easy to be made as a finished blinds.

  • Manual Control Device Pull Cord System Ball Chains System Cordless System For Pleated Blinds

    Manual Control Device Pull Cord System Ball Chains System Cordless System For Pleated BlindsDescriptions: manual control device pull cord system ball chains system cordless system for pleated blinds Best solutions for PLEATED SHADES: 1) HB08 ball chains system...

  • Honeycomb Blinds Screen

    Honeycomb Blinds ScreenDescriptions: 25mm 35mm translucent light filtering blackout fabrics for honeycomb blinds We supply various cellular screen for honeycomb shades, such as: 1) width of honeycomb...

  • Awning Blinds System

    Awning Blinds SystemDescriptions: awning blinds system We have 2 control device for awning blinds: 1) Manual system Advantages: - easy to be assembled - cheaper - operate simply Weak point: - if the building is high, it is not suitable to install manual system. - if too much of ceiling with awning blinds, it will...