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  • Manual Shangri La Blinds

    Manual Shangri La Blinds

    Descriptions: Shangrila blinds Alias TRIPLE SHEER SHADES, SILHOUETTE etc. It is a kind of very beautiful textile blinds, which is more and more popular all over the world.

  • Manual Operating System

    Manual Operating System

    Descriptions: Plastic and metal components for SHANGRI LA BLINDS We provide one-stop shopping for full set of manual control system of Zebra Blinds, Shangrila blinds.

  • Plain Color Fabrics For Hanas Blinds Vertical Sheer Shades Luminette

    Plain Color Fabrics For Hanas Blinds Vertical Sheer Shades Luminette

    Descriptions: HANAS BLINDS FABRICS Now we have 16 color of fabrics for Hanas blinds. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Composition: 80% Polyester and 20% Rayon. Width: 280cm.

  • Hanas Blinds

    Hanas Blinds

    Descriptions: Vertical Sheer Shades / Hanas blinds /luminette blinds Luminette Privacy Sheers marry the beauty of sheers with the privacy of soft draperies.

  • Bamboo Blinds Components

    Bamboo Blinds Components

    DESCRIPTIONS: metal and plastic components for roman style roller style panel style folding screen bamboo woven blinds We supply various metal & plastic components...

  • Finished Bamboo Blinds

    Finished Bamboo Blinds

    Descriptions : Natural window covering Shining Windoware Co. is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor for all kinds of NATURAL WINDOW COVERING...

  • Finished Roman Blinds

    Finished Roman Blinds

    Descriptions: manual roman blinds roman shades with pull cord or ball chains system, cordless roman shades, motorized roman blinds.

  • Operating System for Roman Blinds

    Operating System for Roman Blinds

    Descriptions: Manual & Motorized system for ROMAN BLINDS We supply all kinds of operating mechanism for ROMAN BLINDS, such as Manual & Motorized system...

  • Roman Blinds Fabrics

    Roman Blinds Fabrics

    Decriptions: Roman blinds with Translucent fabrics, stripe fabrics, embroidered fabrics, blackout fabris, printed fabrics, cotton & linen blended fabrics.

  • Finished Vertical Blinds

    Finished Vertical Blinds

    Descriptions: VERTICAL BLINDS Durable smooth PVC vertical blinds have vinyl vanes, making these window coverings one of the easiest products on the market to clean...

  • Vertical Blinds Screen

    Vertical Blinds Screen

    Descriptions: PVC slats of Vertical blinds We supply various PVC slats for VERTICAL BLINDS. It is more easy to be made as a finished blinds.

  • Vertical Blinds Components

    Vertical Blinds Components

    Descriptions: motorized operating system for vertical blinds Motorized system for vertical blinds can open the blinds from the central to both side...

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