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  • Finished Vertical Blinds

    Finished Vertical Blinds

    Descriptions: VERTICAL BLINDS Durable smooth PVC vertical blinds have vinyl vanes, making these window coverings one of the easiest products on the market to clean...

  • Vertical Blinds Screen

    Vertical Blinds Screen

    Descriptions: PVC slats of Vertical blinds We supply various PVC slats for VERTICAL BLINDS. It is more easy to be made as a finished blinds.

  • Vertical Blinds Components

    Vertical Blinds Components

    Descriptions: motorized operating system for vertical blinds Motorized system for vertical blinds can open the blinds from the central to both side...

  • Aluminum Profile

    Aluminum Profile

    Descriptions: aluminum headrail shaft tilt rod for vertical blinds For the aluminum extrusion profile, there are headrail, tilt rod etc.

  • Indoor Blinds

    Indoor Blinds

    Descriptions: Manual Venetian blinds, window louvers Alias: Horizontal blinds, Mini Blinds, louvers etc. This is one of most classic blinds, and has a long history all over the world. It is widely used in home and business office. Advantages: - all peoples know it and like...

  • Exterior Venetian Blinds

    Exterior Venetian Blinds

    DESCRIPTIONS: Outdoor Aluminum window louvers External venetian blinds Exterior window covering Nowadays, there are more and more skyscrapers fixed with Glass-curtain...

  • Aluminum Slats for Venetian Blinds

    Aluminum Slats for Venetian Blinds

    Descriptions: aluminum slats for venetian blinds Aluminum slats is most widely used for Venetian blinds. It is waterproof, fireproof, and easy to be cleaned.

  • PVC SLATs for Venetian Blinds

    PVC SLATs for Venetian Blinds

    Descriptions: PVC SLATS for venetian blinds 25mm PVC mini venetian blinds is a kind of traditional horizontal blinds, which is widely used for home decoration...

  • Wooden Slats for Venetian Blinds

    Wooden Slats for Venetian Blinds

    Descriptions: Wooden slats valance bottom rail for Venetian blinds, bamboo slats, valance for venetian blinds Wooden Timber venetian blinds is eco...

  • Fauxwood Slats or Venetian Blinds

    Fauxwood Slats or Venetian Blinds

    Descriptions: fauxwood slats for venetian blinds Fauxwood slats, means, not genuine wood, just imitation wood, it is made by a kind of compound, such as pure PVC foam...

  • Headrail And Bottom Rail

    Headrail And Bottom Rail

    Descriptions: Steel aluminum PVC headrail bottom rail for venetian blinds, all kinds of shaft, tilt rod for venetian blinds If for heavy blinds, such as wooden blinds...

  • Manual System Components for 2 Venetian Blinds

    Manual System Components for 2 Venetian Blinds

    Descriptions : Accessories, components for 2" venetian blinds We make the finished venetian blinds, also supply various accessories/ components for 2”venetian blinds...